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Lavender’s Team wins Salmon Tourney

By Rich Adams, Tribune Editor

Cheyboygan—One and three-quarter pounds.

That’s all that separated the winning boat and the runner-up in the Cheboygan Salmon Tournament on Saturday.

The winner was the No. 18 boat, captained by Phil Lavender, with a total catch of 64.58 pounds. The second place trophy and money went to the No. 75 boat, captained by Grant Jones, with a catch of 62.82 pounds.

Rounding off the top five were the No. 25 boat, no captain listed, with 58.78 pounds; the No. 73 boat, with Bob Corbiere as captain, with 56.70 pounds; and the No. 54 boat, captained by David Hija, with 53.78 pounds.

Ninety five boats registered for the tournament this year, with 62 weighing in at the end. A total weigh of 1,769.50 pounds was recorded, and included 187 salmon, 27 lake trout, and six steelhead.

The largest salmon was taken by Brian Coffell and weighed in at 26.44 pounds. Second was Joe Godzik’s fish at 25.32 pounds, Lavender’s 20.48-pounder, Cory Allen with a 33.3-pound fish, and Corbiere with a fish weighing 19.88 pounds.

Joe Dobrolowski and Carl McCready tied for largest lake trout, each reelingin a 6.9-pound trophy. The largest steelhead went to Ed Rozinsky and weiged 9.44 pounds.

Scot Lordson and Kris Arnold tied with the mystery fish, each tipping the scales at 13.4 pound.

Ship captains and the weight taken for prize money in the tournament beyond the top five are:

Kris Arnold, 51.83; Jon Karsten, 49.76; Dan Socha, 46.9; Jim Moyer, 45.3; Bob White, 45.08; McCready, 43.54; Norm Perkins, 43.54; Coffell, 40.62; Chip Drake, 39.14; Todd Curtis, 37.72; John Weber, 37; Bill Clark, 36.67; Phil Hopkins, 36.22; Scott Lordson, 35.54; and Dobrowolski, 35.14.

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